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KCK Farms needed to link up their main office with two more computer systems in separate buildings approximately 350 meters away across their nursery site.   The connection was needed to share internet and business data between the buildings and the main office, and allow people in the far shop bulding to order needed parts on the spot without having to come all the way to the front office. It would also allow for connectivity of a security camera out at the far building entrance, with data being sent back to the main office for recording.  Digging a trench and laying conduit would be too expensive, and the limitations on CAT5 cable length wouldn’t allow it. 

A wireless solution was needed to bridge the distance.  Metis Systems came out and performed a wireless site survey, determined the equipment needed to create a wireless bridge connection between the main office and the outlying buildings, and formulated a proposal for KCK Farms.  KCK Farms accepted and Metis put the plan in motion.  Within no time the wireless connection was created and employees at the far end of the company site could now access business data, internet, and email, as well as view the security camera at the far site entrance.  Creating this bridge connection instantly saved several employees time they would have normally spent going to the main office to get needed information.  This time savings equates to better business efficiency, and a savings of money in not having to pay employees for going back and forth from the main office several times during the day.


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