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Company XYZ is a business with approximately 15 staff computer systems.  After the person on staff that handled IT issues left the company, they were left in a lurch without someone to properly administrate their systems.  Their office was in dire need of upgrades and maintenance.  Their server system was at least 5 years old, had a missing backup hard drive, the tape backup drive had been removed from the server, and their main network switch was failing intermittently.  Files were being shared from almost every workstation on the network, many duplicates existed and no one could remember which files were the right ones anymore.   None of the systems had any Windows updates or other regular maintenance done within recent history.  Essentially there was no effective backup of their data being done, network service was intermittent at times, and data was strewn about across the systems causing it to be hard to track down, and unable to be properly backed up.   Their systems were also in a potentially hazardous situation of being vulnerable to any exploits floating around that they were not properly patched for.

Metis Systems came in and first replaced the failing network switch to restore consistent network service.  Then built custom for the company a very powerful and secure AMD Opteron processor based server system, with RAID 5 hard drive redundancy, data backup systems, and gigabit networking built in.  We then put the tape drive into the new server and established a proper backup scheme.  After that, we performed a complete migration of all their data files and business applications from their old server to the new one, performing most of the work after hours to maintain a very minimal down time to ensure no interruptions to their operations.   Next we moved all the data files from shared folders on office workstations onto the central storage of the server system to provide better organization and backups for all data.  And finally we gradually moved out data files we confirmed were no longer needed by the business, reducing their overall storage needs and clearing up confusion over multiple file copies floating around on the network.

Their office organization, security, and efficiency is now greatly improved which gives the employees the capability to get more done with their time, increasing the overall productivity of the company, and over time improving the bottom line.

* Company XYZ preferred their real name not to be disclosed for this case study.


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