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Oregon Stationers had been a franchise store for many years with an integrated terminal-based point of sale system. In 2003 they had made the decision to return to being an independent store, which meant replacing their aging point of sale system with a new independent system with tracking for every part of their store operations.

Metis Systems came in and met with the owners of Oregon Stationers and determined their exact needs for a point of sale system. One of many of the requirements for the system is that it needed to be able to store multiple UPC codes per item code, as they categorize many different UPC code items that are similar sales items under the same item code. We performed an exhaustive search for a software and system that would exactly fit their needs, and upon finding a good solution presented our proposal to Oregon Stationers. They accepted, and within two weeks the new system was up and running and the process of converting to the new system was underway.

The new point of sale system is dramatically more simple in design, operation, and efficiency saving the owners of Oregon Stationers significant amounts of time and effort so they can focus on other aspects of managing their store.


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