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Metis Systems Core Focus
One Secure

The very first thing any business needs to be sure of is how secure their systems and network infrastructure are. All the super computers and blazing internet in the world can be all for naught if a lack of security consistently hampers productivity or brings the entire infrastructure crashing down. Metis focuses on this area first, to build a solid base on which to begin building an information infrastructure for your organization. Our cutting edge virus, firewall, and backup solutions will put you a cut above your competitors in the security arena, allowing you to focus on your business.

Two Connect

Once your systems and network are secure we'll make sure your business data systems have the most optimal connections to get your business information where it needs to be. Not only does this mean having a fast internet connection, but also making sure every user has the tools they need to rapidly access internal business data, work with the data efficiently, then get the data out to clients in the most effective way possible. Whether it be via dynamic website that all your customers can view, efficient email systems clear of spam and viruses, secure remote access for your mobile sales staff, or long range wireless systems to bridge gaps a cable just can't cross, Metis can connect your systems in ways you previously didn't know were possible.

Three Streamline

Now you're secured and connected, that's it right? Wrong. Countless amounts of money are lost to office place inefficiencies. Metis can help analyze your office processes and their associated uses of technology and make recommendations that can streamline your operations and lower your bottom line.

Four Broadcast

Having a presence on the internet is crucial for any organization to be able to get their information out to the largest possible target audience. One of the biggest shortcomings we see in businesses today is their ineffective venture into the internet market place. Properly aligning your brand, organization, or services with an effective web presence that positions them in the most well traveled internet avenues can drastically increase your visibility and drive sales right into your hands. Metis Systems will work closely with you to develop your information distribution systems and approach to get you the best possible visibility.

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