Special Projects

One of the best parts of being in this business is the unique projects that arise from time to time.  We like being challenged to think outside the box and provide custom tailored solutions to our clients.  Below are a few examples.

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A nearby plant nursery had acquired a piece of equipment from Holland that had network connectivity and software they could use to track operations. We worked directly with the equipment tech and installed a wireless link to the hardware to facilitate communication and helped set up the software in the main office.


A local self-store company had a failing surveillance camera system. Replacement was required, but new underground wiring was not possible, and access to the inside of buildings was also not possible. We came up with a complete replacement utilizing wireless links between buildings and camera cabling on the exterior of buildings.

Time Clocks

Another plant nursery has a large number of employees spread across several greenhouses and buildings and wanted to locate time clocks closer to specific crews to improve worker efficiency. We installed wireless links for each time clock and assisted with programming and integrating timeclocks in to their payroll system.